Getting more from Site Manager CMS

Appearance - Changing the Appearance of your pages

Learn how to change some of the colour themes applied to your site's pages

Content - Expiring Content

Learn how to remove content from a page without actually deleting it. Expiring content is particularly useful when you have content that needs to appear for a specific period of time every year. 

*NEW* Course List on a Departmental / School website

Learn how to add a visual list of courses to a page on your site. The list will link directly to the admissions office / graduate studies office prospectus, removing the need to maintain local versions of the prospectus information


Learn how to implement web forms on your website. Please note that you need to make contact with before implementing a webform for the first time. 


Learn how to add photo or video galleries to your site with this document.


Lists are a great way to structure the information on your page to make them more readable. Follow the steps in this demo to create ordered and unordered lists on your page. 

Media Library - Getting More from the Media Library

Use the media library to crop and resize variants of images in your media library. 


Use the code only content type to add a Google Map to your pages


News is an important content type. This set of demos and documents will guide you through the steps needed to get the most from your news content. 

People Information

Learn how to display your people information in a consistent fashion with the Personal Details content type. 

  • Creating People Information (1,110kB)
  • There are additional content types that can be used to enhance the display of people information such as lists of people by category. Email if you wish to implement such categorisation.

Protecting a Page

If you wish to protect a page from access by certain groups, follow the instructions below:


Add a list of recent publications by your department to pages on your site. 

Searching - Making your Page more Findable in Search Engines

Follow the instructions in this demo to add meta data to the pages on your site and enhance your findability in search engines such as Google.

Social Media

Learn how to add social media links to the footer of every page of your site or how to integrate a facebook and twitter feed onto your homepage. 

Spotlight Block

Sometimes, you will want to highlight specific pages on your site, but may not necessarily want to create a news story just for that purpose. A spotlight block can be very helpful to you to highlight areas of your site that you may have updated or to which you wish to direct the end users' attention. 

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