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What the heck is SEO follow up on the SEO Title Content Type

10 Dec 2020

Stand out from the crowd, help Google understand what searches your pages are most relevant to. Learn how to add a custom page title to your sections that have a commonly used section name.

During our recent Webshot, What the heck is SEO we discussed how Google looks at page titles when determining if your site is relevant to a person’s search. Certain commonly used section names can lead to uncertainty.


For example, if I am on the IT Services page and I see a Contact Us section, I know that it will provide me with details on how to contact IT Services. However, if you are a computer trawling the internet and see several sections called Contact Us on the domain it is not obvious with one to offer up on search results.

Within the T4 CMS our section names are used as the Page Title. As CMS moderators we don’t want to give our sections long unwieldy names that run over multiple lines in a menu. We want to be concise. These short section names don’t always help in terms of our search engine optimisation (SEO)
The SEO Title content type allows you to have a short sensible section name as desired by end users, and a longer more specific Page Title as required by search engines.

Working with the SEO Title content type

The SEO Title content type is simple to use and can be added to any or all of the sections on your site. Add content to your section in your prefered way. When presented with the list of content types filter on the word SEO. Select SEO Title for the list.

 screenshot of the SEO Title Content Type


Name: Give your content type a name as usual. For example: 2020-12-10 Detailed Page Title

SEO Title:

  • Make it descriptive and concise
  • Avoid vague single word descriptors
  • Include relevant key words, but don’t over do it
    • 70 characters are visible to end users – Google will see beyond the 70 characters, but your end users will not

Save and approve the content as normal.

If you are interested is SEO and want to learn more go to Googles Beginner SEO Guide

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