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17 Nov 2019

Our latest batch of site improvements are due for release the week of the 18th November. We have a number of changes in this update, some are merely visual changes, others enable new functionality.

2017 Homepage and General Content Display

Until now, if you use the General Content on a landing page, it will appear slightly out of place with the other content on the page. The title is a different size and it is very narrow on the full width landing page. We've changed this now so that the title of a piece of General Content looks like other titles on a landing page, and the text will now occupy the same space width-wise as other components on a landing page.

External News Links

We have updated the news-item content type as well! You can now use the content type to link directly to an external article. A new field External Link will allow you to link a news-item directly to the external news source.

screen shot of how an external news article will look

The news article will be displayed in your news list but when the reader clicks the link they will be brought to the other news website. This will allow you to share good news about UCC that other people have written from within your UCC website easily. It will be clear from the display that the article is from an external sources.

When pointing to an external story there will be no need to provide a full text article. It will still be necessary to add a picture  and summary to the article. As always, we’d recommend having a stock of generic images on hand in your media library to ensure your content looks as engaging as possible.

Social Media Icons

You can now choose to include your social media icons in your sites contact footer. New fields have been added to the contact-details content type, one for each of the major platforms. Simply supply the links to have the icons appear in the footer.  

social media icons as they will display in a contact footer

Signalling Change

Our website users are many and varied. For some, change is difficult to handle. This is whey we are introducing a new content type called 2017 change alert.

screehshot of how the on page change alert will look - simple banner with info text and an x to close out

This accessibility enhancement will allow us to forewarn our users of upcoming change to a webpage. Users will, for example, know that they will need to allow additional time to navigate the site as the layout and position of regularly used items might have changed.

As this content type is to enhance accessibility, we’d ask you please to use it only for the purpose stated here. For general site alerts we have a separate content type, site alert.

Site Specific Alert

screenshot of a site specific alert, green banner with text.

If you cast your mind back to storm Ophelia in 2017, you might remember that a warning notification appeared on every page of the UCC site informing us of the college closure. Up until now only Marketing and Communications and UCC Webmaster have had access to said content type.

Following on from this set of updates it will be possible for you, our CMS moderators, to add a site specific alert. This means that the alert will appear across the top of all the sections of your site.

Perhaps there is a deadline approaching that is specific to your students? Perhaps a service is unexpectable unavailable? You will be able to use the 2017 site alert content type to inform your users across the site.

Simply add the 2017 Site Alert content type the homepage of your site, provide some information text and choose a colour for your notification.

We would recommend the following categorisation:

  • Blue: Information or notice, scheduled downtime notice
  • Yellow: Office closure, Unscheduled system downtime
  • Red: Emergency notifications only
  • Green: Services restored

We welcome your feedback

As always, we invite you feedback on these changes and suggest any further changes view our Site Improvement Request form.

For more on this story contact:

Noelette Hurley | IT Analyst - Webmaster | IT Services | 

Digital Estate Working Group

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