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More questions asked, more questions answered

6 Jun 2019

The second Ask the Web-sperts question and answer session was held on Thursday 30 May 2019. Twelve or so CMS moderators turned up with a new batch of questions for Maurice and me.

By sharing their experiences, issues, and by reporting possible bugs, those in attendance helped improve each other’s understanding of the system, and provided Maurice and myself with information that will help with future website developments.

What did you ask us?

You asked us a wide veriety of questions. The topics covered on the day, included but weren’t limited to:

  1. Social media feeds on websites (repeat question, but still a good one!)
  2. Ways of including video on a site
  3. How to get the coloured background on headings in a banner image
  4. 2017 Spotlight bug report

What were our answers?

Social Media Feeds

Currently you can have Facebook and or Twitter feeds on your site. This can be done easily by adding a piece of content called ‘Social Media Block’ to your site. Usually this is added to the homepage, but you can add it to inner pages if needed.

There is no live feed for LinkedIn or Instagram. However as you can see in our updated improvements list, an Instagram feed is in progress for this quarter. Once it has been developed we will let everyone know.

How to include Video

There are two banner content types designed to work on homepages, 2017 Image Banner and the 2017 Video Banner. A moderator submitted the following question through the form we sent ahead of the session:

We have created a video for our homepage banner. However when I upload the video it doesn't play. Can I check if my settings are correct? 

The moderator in question wasn't present so we were unable to check their content. I've included the relevant information on the 2017 Video banner for anyone thinking of using it. If you find you are having issues with the video banner content type please email so we can look in to it with you. 

2017 Video Banner Settings

  1. File Types- in order to use it two video files must be provided: .mp4 and .web. This ensures the video will appear in all browsers (Firefox and opera don’t support .mp4).  
  2. Size and length - the video should not be more than 30-40secs and no more than 5-6mb in size. Optimum would be to have a short video that continuously loops so that it appears long, but could still be less than 1-2mb in size.  
  3. Aspect Ratio - The video works best with an aspect ratio of roughly 16:7. We would suggest the video have a minimum width of 1400px wide so that it looks well across devices. 

Video Banner Alternatives

There are other ways of including video content on your site. The 2017 Image Banner can be configured to open a YouTube video in a modal (pop out) window. YouTube, HEANet or Panopto videos can also be embedded directly in to pieces of General Content. The 2017 Profile content type can also support YouTube videos. 

2017 Banner background text

A moderator asked:

How do you set a background colour like what I see on the UCC homepage.

This coloured background is an option available in the 2017 Banner content type since January of this year. The addition of colour can make the headings stand out more against the image background. This change has required additional fields to be added to the content type.

How to apply the background colour:

To add a colour background you need to set Enable Header Styles to Yes and choose a colour from the list at Heading Style 1.

content type fields - heading colours

The list of available colours was extended to include the secondary pallet recently. When using this heading style option remember to preview your content. Certain colours will complement your image more than others!

2017 Spotlight

A bug was reported in the 2017 Spotlight. The bug was caused by a change to the list of available spotlight colours. It is now possible for a spotlight to be any of the UCC primary or secondary colours. However if you chose UCC black, for example, you could not see the text. Additionally if you choose yellow, the text was white. This lacked sufficient contrast to be accessible. This bug has since been fixed. The text can now be read regardless of the colour you choose. Additionally the arrows that allow you to move from spotlight to spotlight now appear regardless of colour choice.

A separate bug surrounding the button text on the 2017 spotlight has also been fixed. You can now specify the ‘button text’ no matter what link type is selected. If no link type is set no button will appear.

Upcoming Webshots

Our final webshot of the academic year will also be our first Show and Tell! A number of brave CMS moderators will be sharing their website stories with us. Be it a success or failure, there is plenty we can learn from each other. We'll look at some of best examples on UCC's website and ask people to share how they achieved those. And we'll also be looking for people to share their challenges too!

Session Details:

  • Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2019
  • Location: Food Science Building Room 322
  • Time: 12-1pm

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