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Countdown to Change

18 Jul 2019

As we roll over from Q2 in to Q3 a new set of improvements are ready to be rolled out. By close of business tomorrow, July 19th, the following changes will be in place and ready to use:

Countdown Timer:

The 2017 Banner Image content type will be updated to support a countdown timer. 

To create a timer you need to set a date in the Countdown Date 1 field (there is a field per banner image, but we’d strongly recommend only having one timer active at any one time).  

a timer set to tomorrow


The second field to note is the Mini Countdown yes/no option. The default is set to no, we are assuming you’d like the timer to fill the banner. If you would prefer a smaller, mini, timer, please set Mini Countdown to yes.

a look at how a smaller timer might display

Progress bar

A progress bar has been added to the bottom of 2017 Banners. This is to alert people to the fact that there are additional items and that the banner image is soon to change. This is a global setting so to speak, it cannot be turned on and off.

Just Popping Out...

As a user of the CMS you are probably aware that certain content types support pop out or modal windows. The modal option can be found for example in the 2017 Profile content type. Instead of linking the Find Out More button to a section, or external site, you can cause a modal window to display additional text on click instead.

This modal functionality has now been added to a host of content types:

  • 2017 Link Circle
  • 2017 Link Box (both carousal and wrap)
  • 2017 Connect Box
  • 2017 Multi Connect Box

New fields have been added to each of the content types listed to facilitate the new feature.

The fields are:

  • Modal Video
  • Modal Content

Taking the 2017 link circle as our example, the fields will appear as follows:

fields needed to display a modal window

With these fields added you have additional choices for where to point the link circle to when it is clicked. All the existing options are still available.

  1. Section Link – go to the section of the website specified
  2. External Link – go to the external website specified
  3. Media Link – download the media file specified
  4. Modal Video – open the specified YouTube or HEANet link in a modal window
  5. Modal Content – open the text provided in a modal window

As always you can only choose to use one of these options for the piece of content in question. If you try to specify an internal link and modal content the on-click action for the content will result in no action being taken.

That said there is nothing stopping you having 5 link circles each configured to do a different one of these actions!

The same two fields:

  • Modal Video
  • Modal Content

Can be found in

  • 2017 Link Box Wrap
  • 2017 Link Box Carousal
  • 2017 Connect Box
  • 2017 Connect Box Multi

The fields work in the same way, with the same limitations.

Modal Window 4 Ways

what the multi connect box looks like 4 tiles with titles

With the connect box multi (shown here as a reminder of what it looks like!) remember you are configuring four tiles in one piece of content. Zero or more of the tiles could be configured to use the modal widow. Therefore, the modal video and modal content fields have been added four times, once per tile and numbered appropriately. Just like with the link circle or any other content type, only one action should be configured per tile!


Additional tweaks will be applied to the 2017 Connect box. The way in which it renders will change once the Q2 updates go live.

Current connect boxes have a fade effect applied, these can really obscure the carefully selected images in use. 

how the current connect box looks

The Q2 update will allow you to specify a background colour that will then be applied to the text leaving the image with its original brightness.  

updated connect box

Additionally, overly long text snippets will be truncated. The amount visible will depend on the size of the screen they are being viewed on. It is important that when we preview our CMS content that we resize the screen down to ensure what we have created works will on mobile too.

We welcome your feedback

As always, we invite you feedback on these changes and suggest any further changes view our Site Improvement Request form.

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