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Bug Prevention - Expired Content Best Practice

8 Jan 2020

This update outlines how to prevent a display bug linked to expired content from occuring on your website. 

Grouped Together

A few of our current content types operate in groups. Link boxes, and link circles being two of the most popular. When you have a group of content types working together the first and last members of the group open and close it.

Change Happens

Occasionally you will need to change out the content in a given group. Maybe you are expiring a link box because an event has past, or a service is no longer offered. Perhaps the steps outlined by linked circles have been streamlined. Being the cautious type, you expire the piece of content in question as opposed to deleting it.

If the piece of content that was expired happened to be the last in the group, it would have contained the closing </div>. What this is doesn't really matter, what matters is that when this piece of code is missing your page may not display correctly.

We shall overcome 

To overcome said issue we recommend that you move any expired (or deleted) content to a hidden, pending, section of your site. By moving the content off the live page, the remaining content will update correctly and the missing </div> will be recreated.

How to Create an Un-used Content Section

To create an un-used content section follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the T4 CMS
  2. Click your homepage's Actions Menu
  3. Select Add Section from the menu
  4. Name the section Unused Content or other meaningful name
  5. Deselect the show in navigation tick box
  6. Set status to pending
    • Making the section pending means it will not publish so you don’t need to worry about the un-used content becoming public
  7. Add section

Any expired or deleted content can be moved in to the un-used content section at any time. Once the site publishes the content will no longer be live on your site.


For more on this story contact: 

Digital Estate Working Group

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