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The Migratory Patterns of Digital Estates

19 Jun 2014

At this week's DEWG meeting, we got an update on the website design migration project and had a chance to see the fruits of our labours in the form of the Sockie trophy. 

Maurice Ryder gave an update on the website design migration project. We started the project last year following the launch of the new UCC website design. Our aim was to migrate all UCC websites to the new UCC website design as soon as possible. With over 350 individual websites it was not going to be a quick job. 

Over the last 15 months, though, we have managed to migrate the vast majority of websites to the new design and are now working our way through some of non-standard sites. Maurice and Peter met during the week to evaluate the outliers and see what is to be done with the 55 non-CMS sites on the main webserver. Of the 55, 20 will stay as they are. A further 11 will be migrated as part of the sports site redevelopment project. more will be moved to wordpress and the remaining 17 will be migrated to the new design in the UCC CMS by our interns. We reckon we'll be able to close off the migration project by the end of July. This doesn't mean we will have all sites in the CMS or in the new design but we will have moved all that are possible to move without the need for a larger project (some sites will need some more fundamental changes than just changing the design so they will be hived off into separate projects). 

Tom McCarthy also brought along the Sockie trophy for us all to have a look. It's an impressive piece of hardware and great to see a concrete example of the hardwork the DEWG has put into the social media side of our digital estate. 

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