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  • The Q4 Continuum

    07 Nov
    The Q4 Continuum

    We're ready to announce the latest raft of changes that will be winging their way to the UCC website by the end of Q4 (that's the fourth quarter of the year for those who have no truck with buzzwordy abbreviations). Some big, some small, all of them will have an impact on our website on our continuous improvement path. 

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  • High Stakes

    24 Oct
    High Stakes

    Developing a web content strategy for an organisation like UCC has it's challenges. One of the biggest of those is making sure we've done our best to "engage with our stakeholders". Now, this might sound like a bunch of business waffle, but stakeholder engagement is very important. 

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  • Falling into place

    17 Oct
    Falling into place

    An update in which we use the season to make a pun about what we've been up to. 

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  • Ooh! New DEWG?

    12 Sep
    Ooh! New DEWG?

    The cobbler's children are reputed never to have new shoes. But this cobbler is determined to do different. We're going to eat our own dog food, get a taste of our own medicine and all the other various aphorisms. And so, a new DEWG site is in the offing.

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  • Don't Click Here!

    29 Aug
    Don't Click Here!

    Click here. Find out more here. Abstract, non-contextual instructions for end users to perform a leap of faith need to stop!  

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  • Internal Affairs

    29 Aug
    Internal Affairs

    Current students account for a significant portion of the traffic to our websites. Today we will look at the challenges in using the website to communicate with this important internal constituency. 

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  • Future Imperfect

    22 Aug
    Future Imperfect

    This week, we'll take a look at some of the upcoming initiatives on the docket and we also bid a fond farewell to the legendary Peter Flynn. 

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  • Web Content Strategising - Let's get this blogging started

    15 Aug
    Web Content Strategising - Let's get this blogging started

    We want to keep people up to date on the web content strategy initiatives, but we know we can't have webshots every week. So we're gonna start a blog here on the DEWG. Welcome to the first of many. 

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