What is the Digital Estate Working Group?

The DEWG is made up of people from

  • IT Services (Ger Culley, Peter Flynn, Noelette Hurley and Eugene van den Hurk), 
  • Audio Visual and Media Services (Michael Tobin), 
  • Marketing and Communications (Robert Connellan, Nancy Hawkes and Donna O'Driscoll),
  • Academic Secretariat (Gretta McCarthy),
  • International Office (Sharon Dillane).

There are number of other associate members of the group including the deputy admissions officer, postgraduate officer, photographer, film production, disability support, OCLA and eLearning.

The DEWG is charged with managing the day-to-day implementation of the digital estate, making sure the content that the university creates adheres to our policies and procedures (including the branding guidelines and communications plans). The group meets on a weekly basis in order to keep each other informed of the different requests that each office might get that would impact the digital estate. We also meet with information owners to discuss their needs and progress their requirements in a fashion consistent with the overall strategic goals of the university.

The Digital Estate Governance Policy outlines the governance structures for the digital estate, of which the DEWG is only one part. It also refers to the other policies and procedures necessary for the effective management of all of our websites and social media presences. 

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