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Download the Student Report Listing for a comprehensive listing and description of all student statistical reports available in the data warehouse.

FTE Calculations

How are FTE's calculated:


Undergraduate students are weighted as 1 for all FTE calculations. Since all programmes are now modularised (2003/04), each full time undergraduate student takes 60 credits per year and each module is worth the following FTEs:



5 credit


10 credit


15 credit


20 credit


2.5 credits (Visiting students only)


If a module is taught by more than one department, the FTEs are shared between the departments that are involved in the teaching. For example, ML2001 (5 credits) is taught 50% by Biochemistry and 50% by Microbiology so each department receives 0.042 for each student taking the module. For projects that might be carried out in different departments, the FTEs are assigned according to the department where the student is located. For example, the Biomedical Sciences research project module (BM4013 - 15 credits) might be taken by 6 students in the Biochemistry department, 8 students in the Microbiology departments and 6 students in CIT. Biochemistry would be assigned 1.5 FTEs (6 x .25), Microbiology 2.0 FTEs (8 x .25) and the remaining FTEs for the CIT students would remain unassigned.

For repeat and part time students the FTEs are calculated according to the number of modules taken. For example, if a student has passed all modules in BA I except EN1001 (15 credits) and returns in the following year to repeat this module only, the English department will be credited with 0.25 FTEs; that student will only be worth .25 FTEs for that year. A first year evening law student takes 40 credits and is therefore worth .667 FTEs.

Since some FTEs may be unassigned in UCC (e.g. BM4013 above) and students studying abroad and repeat students and part time students may take less than 60 credits, the student FTEs are always less that the student headcount total.


Each full time student is weighted as 1. For modular postgraduate taught programmes the FTEs are calculated as for undergraduates. For non-modular programmes that are taught by one department only, 1 FTE is assigned to that department for each student taking a full time programme and 0.5 for a part time programme. If the teaching is shared between departments, the FTEs are shared according to an agreement between the departments involved. The FTEs for research students are assigned as for non-modular taught programmes; no FTEs are given for students who are registered examination-only.

From 2007/08 research programmes are allocated 90 credits (1.5 FTE). The allocation for taught masters depends on credits assigned (1.0 -1.5 FTE).