Digital Humanities (DH) at University College Cork unites the humanities and allied disciplines in inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation facilitated by the innovative potential of digital technology.

We are particularly concerned with the impact of digital media and the new forms of e-technology and e-literacy on individuals, cultures, economies and societies. We recognize the fundamental importance of the digital in the new production of identities and knowledges ('social innovation') and seek to understand the cultural, social, and political significance of these developments, with a view to achieving the maximum benefits for the creation and management of knowledge resources, while maintaining a critical perspective on the wider implications.

DH @ UCC builds upon and augments the platform created by a EUR 7m PRTLI grant for the all-Ireland graduate research education program in Digital Arts and Humanities, as well as previous initiatives such as Humanities Serving Irish Society. A major thrust will be to encourage, facilitate and help diffuse humanities research, including transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary endeavours, in the light of the new potentialities offered by digital resources.

The discipline draws upon the extraordinary resources of the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences (CACSSS). Staff and researchers in CACSSS have significant experience in digital arts and humanities, especially in regard to Irish and European history, Art history, English and Irish literature, and culture, European languages, literatures and cultures, Theatre and Film Studies, Music technology. Collaborative projects have included the social sciences (Psychology, Sociology) and have benefited from a strategic alliance with the College of Science and Engineering.

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