Colin Murphy


Qualifications / Titles : BE, MEngSc

Having received the Gold Medal for academic excellence in the B.E. examinations of 1989, Colin pursued an M.Eng.Sc. in the area of modelling microwave transformers. He graduated from this research in 1991 and then joined the National Microelectronics Research Center (UCC) to pursue research into fault tolerant algorithms. In 1992 he joined the Executive Systems Research Centre as an IT research officer.

Having spent 2 years investigating the organisational impact of groupware technologies, he re-joined the Department of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics in UCC to teach aspects of microwave electronics and Digital Communications. At this time, he also commenced research leading to a PhD in the area of Digital Communications. In April of 1996, he re-joined the NMRC to work on the design of a novel chemical sensor suitable for VLSI implementation. In July of 1997, he recommenced his lecturing and Ph.D. research, having being appointed the newly created permanent post in Digital Communications.

Research/ Projects: 

Current research interests emcompass digital modulation techniques, adaptive digital signal processing, wavelet techniques and VLSI hardware design methodologies relevant to communications. His PhD is in the area of wavelet techniques applied to the digital communications issues. Given his background in the applications of coding theory to fault tolerant algorithm design, he also has a research interest in the design and implementation of efficient error correcting codes.



Colin Murphy

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