This material is based upon works supported by the Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. 06/MI/006.

The support of the Informatics Commercialisation initiative of Enterprise Ireland is gratefully acknowledged.

Iryna Andriyanova, University of Cergy-Pontoise

"Finite-length scaling of regular LDPC codes over GF(2m) for the binary erasure channel "

Merce Villanueva, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

“Z2Z4-additive codes: duality and invariants”

Faruk Gologlu, Claude Shannon Institute, University College Dublin

“Almost perfect nonlinear functions"

Jessica O'Shaughnessy, National University of Ireland - Galway

“Convolutional Codes from Group Rings”


Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Claude Shannon Institute, Universite de Grenoble

“Characteristic polynomials and subspaces of matrices”


Luis Dominguez, Claude Shannon Institute, Dublin City University

“Designing a code generator of Pairing Based Cryptography functions”


Peter Beelen, Technical University of Denmark

"List decoding algebraic geometry code with Alekhnovich's algorithm"

Naomi Benger, Claude Shannon Institute, Dublin City University

"Constructing tower extensions of finite fields for implementation of pairing-based Cryptography"

Cryptography Research Group