The Claude Shannon Institute Workshop on Coding & Cryptography 2010

“Elliptic Curves, Group Law, and Efficient Computation”

Ed Dawson

“Self-dual and dual-containing codes from group rings”

Ted Hurley

“Development of the Next Generation of Side-Channel Analysis Resistant Processors”

Stefan Tillich

“Faster squaring in the cyclotomic subgroup pf sixt degree extentions”

Robert Granger

“Words of small weights in Hermitian codes”

Chiara Marcolla

"Algebraic description of modular integer programming: Applications to coding theory”

 Irene Marquez Corbella

“Arithmetic Level Countermeasures for ECC Coprocessor”

 Arnaud Tisserand

 “Almost perfect nonlinear functions"

Faruk Gologlu

“Characteristic polynomials and subspaces of matrices”

Jean-Guillaume Dumas

 “Convolutional Codes from Group Rings”



 “Z2Z4-additive codes: duality and invariants”

Merce Villanueva

“Designing a code generator of Pairing Based Cryptography functions”

Luis Dominguez

"Constructing tower extensions of finite fields for implementation of pairing-based Cryptography"

Naomi Benger

"Finite-length scaling of regular LDPC codes over GF(2M) for the binary erasure channel"

Iryna Andriyanova



 "List decoding algebraic geometry code with Alekhnovich's algorithm"

Peter Beelen

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