The Claude Shannon Institute Workshop on Coding & Cryptography 2009

“Random Delay Insertion: Effective Countermeasure against DPA on FPGAs”.

Yingxi Lu (1,056kB)

"How to obtain short McEliece keys using Goppa codes".

Paulo Barreto (180kB)

"Optimal Curves of Gunes 3 over Finite Fields with Discriminant -19, -43,-67 and -163".

Alexey Zaytsev (263kB)

“Design of Non-Binary Error-Correction Codes and their Applications”.

Rolando Carrasco (617kB)

“From the Euclidean Algorithm for Solving a Key Equation for Dual Reed—Solomon Codes to the Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm”.

Maria Bras-Amoros (568kB)

“A simple construction for perfect factors in the Bruijn graph”.

Chris Mitchell (215kB)

“FPGA Implementations of SHA-3 Candidates: CubeHash, Grøstl, Lane, Shabal and Spectral Hash”.

Brian Baldwin (3,287kB)

“The product recovery problem for black box groups”.

Jens Zumbrägel, (279kB)

“Faster $F-p$-arithmetic for Cryptographic Pairings on Barreto-Naehrig Curves”.

Junfeng Fan (1,081kB)

"Hardware Evaluation of SHA-3 Hash Function Candidate ECHO".

Liang Lu (439kB)

"Properties of distinct-difference configurations and lightweight key predistribution schemes for grid-based networks”.

Maura Paterson (799kB)

"On a class of optimal rateless codes".

Vijay G Subramanian (189kB)

“On LP Decoding of Nonbinary Expander Codes”.

Vitaly Skacheck (1,095kB)

"Weight Distributions of Doubly-Generalized LDPC Codes"

Mark Flanagan (652kB)

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