Experimental Modalities

Angiography-vascular, coronaries, ventricle

PCI, stent – invasive/non invasive assessment


Press volume loops, FFR, CFR

2-D , 3D angiography

Regional wall, myocardial infarct size assessment Non invasive valve assessment

Plaque area and volume assessment

Coronary flow and ischemia analysis

Biochemical and molecular tagging and tracking of molecules, tracers, cells, devices

Potential for detection of unstable plaque

Intravascular Ultrasound

Basic Science Investigative Resources

Cell and Tissue Culture facilities (3 laminar flow hoods, 6 incubators)

Full Protein, DNA and RNA analysis

Western blotting, ELISA and HPLC

RT-PCR including quantitative,

Northern and Southern Blotting,

RNAi of target genes

Lentiviral vector design and production




Nikon TE-2000E Confocal Laser Microscopy

Laser Intravital Microscopy

Real-time cell analyses under flow

Resin-embedding for Stented Vessel Sectioning


(With collaborators)


Olympus Two-photon microscopy

Olympus Spectral Scanning Confocal Microscopy


Flow Cytometry


BD FACSCalibur 4-colour flow cytometer

BD FACS Aria II 7-colour cell sorting



Small Animal Surgery

Generation of bone marrow chimerics and transgenics

Myocardial infarction; total occlusion or with reperfusion

Angioplasty-mediated vascular injury


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