CRF-C Management Board 

The CRF-C Management Board oversees all elements of the work conducted and planned by the CRF-C. Its membership and terms of reference have been approved by University College Cork’s Senior Executive Body and the University Management Team –Operations (UMTO). The Board consists of the Head of COMH (Chair), the Vice President for Research and Innovation, the Deputy Corporate Secretary, the University Bursar, and a clinician who is experienced in the conduct of Patient Focused Research. The Clinical Director, the Clinical Research Reporting Officer (CRRO), and/or University Legal or ethical representative will be in attendance at the Management Board meetings as required. The Management Board membership meets quarterly or more often as determined by the committee chairperson. 


 CRF-C Management Board Members: 


Prof John Higgins Prof Anita Maguire
Nora Geary Diarmuid Collins
Dr Barry Plant Prof Joe Eustace


CRF-C Advisory Committee  


The Management Board is advised by an independent external CRF-C Advisory Committee on which a nominated Management Board member sits as the Management Board representative. The CRF-C Advisory Committee serves as an independent external Advisory Committee representing both relevant national and international expertise as well as various local stakeholders in the conduct of Patient Focused Research. The CRF-C Advisory Committee reviews the work undertaken and strategy proposed by the CRF-C with regard to established regulatory standards and national/international benchmarking. The CRF-C Advisory Committee meets on a six monthly basis in advance of scheduled Management Board meetings.The Advisory Committee consists of an Independent Chair, currently Professor Liam Donnelly, a designated member of the CRF-C Management Board (currently the Assistant Corporate Secretary), CEOs of the Mercy University Hospital and Cork University Hospital Group, two senior researchers/directors of an external clinical research committee, a member with legal or bioethical expertise, two members with a pharmaceutical industry background, at least one lay/patient representative. 

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