About the HRB Clinical Research Facility Cork

About the HRB Clinical Research Facility Cork

‌The HRB Clinical Research Facility Cork was established to promote excellence in the design, safe conduct and analysis of patient-focused research. ‎ It provides the necessary space, expertise and equipment to allow medical professionals in Munster to work at the very cutting edge of clinical research. The HRB CRF-C allows breakthroughs in laboratory research in drug food therapy, food supplementation and medical devices to be converted into better and safer treatments for patients in a timely and efficient fashion.

It tests potential new patient therapies and compares the risks, benefits and cost effectiveness of established treatments.  In conjunction with the UCC Department of Epidemiology, it supports studies that gather information and samples from patients with given conditions in order to better understand the causes and consequences of these illnesses.  The Facility provides a gateway that allows local researchers to integrate with the research work of colleagues both nationally and internationally and to ensure that the most current advances in treatment are available in Cork.

The HRB CRF-C supports research undertaken through UCC and affiliated hospitals, as well as in the primary care setting. It is funded by the HRB and is operated as a joint venture with UCC, CUH and MUH.  The HRB CRF-C has a core staff of sixteen including Prof. Joseph A Eustace(Consultant Nephrologist, Cork University Hospital and HRB CRFC Program Director), along with five dedicated Research Nurses, a Business Manager, Data Manager, Research Pharmacist, Biostatistician, Senior Lecturer in Research Methodologies and a Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager.



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