Research project which involved CRAC Lab researchers visiting Corsica during summer 2013.

The project ChArMEx (Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment) aims at a scientific assessment of the present and future state of the atmospheric environment and of its impacts in the Mediterranean basin (NB: the generic term "chemistry" used hereafter implicitly concerns gaseous reactive species and aerosol particles). ChArMEx is one of the sister projects of the new regional multidisciplinary initiative “MISTRALS” from INSU and the federation of French Agencies ALLENVI, which aims at an understanding of the future of the Mediterranean region in a context of strong regional anthropogenic and climatic pressures. In this frame, the target of ChArMEx is short-lived (<~1 month) particulate and gaseous tropospheric trace species which are the cause of atmospheric pollution and have two-way interactions with climate.

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