Dr. Satheesh Chandran

Research Interests

Development of Optical Instrumentation for Non-Invasive Trace Gas Detection and Aerosol Extinction Measurements, Applied Optics and Laser Spectroscopy, Frequency Comb Spectroscopy and Photonic Sensors, Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy, Atmospheric Optics, Nephelometers and Laser Transmissometers, Molecular Spectroscopy and Fingerprint Measurements.

In the present project, I am developing Cavity Enhanced Absorption Instrumentation for new Irish Atmospheric Simulation Chamber. Also, designing and developing Frequency Comb based Spectrometer for various trace gas sensing applications.

Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry

Ionad Taighde Um Ceimice Atmaisféarach

Lab B1, Kane Building, University College Cork, T12 YN60.