Dr. Yang Chen


Healy, R. M.; Chen, Y.; Kourtchev, I.; Kalberer, M.; O'Shea, D.; Wenger, J. C. Rapid formation of secondary organic aerosol from the photolysis of 1-nitronaphthalene: role of naphthoxy radical self-reaction. Environmental Science & Technology, 2012, 46 (21), 11813-11820. DOI

Chuang, H.-C.; Jones, T.; Chen, Y.; Bell, J.; Wenger, J.; BéruBé, K. Characterisation of airborne particles and associated organic components produced from incense burning. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2011, 401 (10), 3095-3102. DOI


Y. Chen, R. Healy, S. Zhou, J. Wenger. Real-time Measurements of Secondary Organic Aerosol from the Photooxidation of Naphthalene using Single Particle Mass Spectrometry. American Association for Aerosol Research Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, October 2011. Download Poster (768kB)

Y. Chen. Atmospheric degradation of naphthalene. EPA conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2011. Download Talk (1,619kB)

Y. Chen, S. Zhou, J. Wenger. Photolysis of phthaldialdehyde and 1-nitronapthalene. EPA conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2010.

Y. Chen, S. Zhou, J. Wenger. Atmospheric degradation of naphthalene. EPA conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2009. Download Poster (837kB)



Dr. Yang Chen

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Postgraduate student (2008-2012)


Dr. John Wenger

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Simulation Chamber Studies of the Atmospheric Degradation of naphthalene, 1-nitronaphthalene and phthaldialdehyde.


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Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry

Lab B1, Kane Building, University College Cork, College Rd, Cork, Ireland