Dr. Nicholas Minogue


O'Driscoll, Paul; Minogue, Nick; Takenaka, Noramichi, Sodeau, John R. Release of nitric oxide and iodine to the atmosphere from the freezing of sea-salt aerosol components. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2008, 112 (8) 1677-1682. DOI

O' Driscoll, Paul; Lang, Katerine; Minogue, Nick, Sodeau, John R. Freezing halide ion solutions and the release of interhalogens to the atmosphere. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2006, Volume: 110 (14)  4615-4618. DOI

Riordan, Eoin; Minogue, Nick; Healy, David A; Sodeau, John R. Spectroscopic and optimization modeling study of nitrous acid in aqueous solution. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2005, 109 (5) 779-786. DOI

Minogue, Nick; Riordan, Eoin; Sodeau, John R; Raman spectroscopy as a probe of low-temperature ionic speciation in nitric and sulfuric acid stratospheric mimic systems. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2003, 107 (22)  4436-4444. DOI





Dr. Nicholas Minogue

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Postgraduate student (1998-2000)


Prof. John Sodeau

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A Spectroscopic Assessment Of Acid Speciation Relevant To Aqueous Atmospheric Chemistry.


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Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry

Lab B1, Kane Building, University College Cork, College Rd, Cork, Ireland