Dr. Iustinian Bejan


Kourtchev, I.; Bejan, I.; Sodeau, J. R.; Wenger, J. C. Gas phase reaction of OH radicals with (E)-beta-farnesene at 296 +/- 2 K: Rate coefficient and carbonyl products. Atmospheric Environment, 2012, 46, 338-345. DOI

Nakashima, Y.; Tsurumaru, H.; Imamura, T.; Bejan, I.; Wenger, J. C.; Kajii, Y. Total OH reactivity measurements in laboratory studies of the photooxidation of isoprene. Atmospheric Environment, 2012, 62, 243-247. DOI

Kourtchev, Ivan; Bejan, Justinian, Sodeau, John R, Wenger John C. Gas-phase reaction of (E)-b-farnesene with ozone: Rate coefficient and carbonyl products. Atmospheric Environment, 2009, 43 (20) 3182-3190. DOI



Iustinian Bejan, Ivan Kourtchev, Hannah Sonderfeld, Ian Barnes, Ralf Koppmann, John C. Wenger. Carbonyl Products from the Gas-phase Reactions of the OH radical with 2,6-Dimethylphenol, 2,6- and 2,5-Dimethyl-para-benzoquinone. 3rd Conference "Atmospheric Chemical Mechanism", Davis, USA, December 2010. Download Poster (1,118kB)

I. Bejan, I. Kourtchev, I. Barnes, J. Wenger. Influence of radical source, seed aerosol and relative humidity on secondary organic aerosol formation from the OH initiated oxidation of dimethylphenols. International Aerosol Conference, Helsinki, Finland, September 2010. Download Talk (1,693kB)

Iustinian Bejan, John Wenger, Ian Barnes.Product and Kinetic Investigations on the Gas Phase Chemistry of Dimethylated-1,4-Benzoquinones. 2nd Conference "Atmospheric Chemiczl Mechanisms", Davis, USA, December 2008Download Poster (624kB)




Dr. Iustinian Bejan

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Postdoctoral researcher (2008-2010)


Dr. John Wenger

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Atmospheric Chemistry of Oxygenated Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Mechanisms and Aerosol Formation.


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Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry

Lab B1, Kane Building, University College Cork, College Rd, Cork, Ireland