Dr. Arnaud Allanic


Townsend, Thomas M.; Allanic, Arnaud; Noonan, Colette; Sodeau John R. Characterization of Sulfurous Acid, Sulfite, and Bisulfite Aerosol Systems. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2012, 116 (16) 4035-4046. DOI

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Hellebust, Stig; Allanic, Arnaud; O'Connor, Ian P.; Sodeau, John R. The use of real-time monitoring data to evaluate major sources of airborne particulate matter. Atmospheric Environment, 2010, 44 (8) 1116-1125. DOI

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A. Allanic, C. Noonan, J. Sodeau. Investigation of the heterogeneous reaction of ammonia on deliquescent seasalt using FTIR spectroscopy. 7th Scientific Conference of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project (IGAC), Hersonnissos, Greece, 2003. Download Poster (228kB)

A. Allanic, J. Sodeau. Investigation of the heterogeneous reactivity of carbonyls on deliquescent sea salt using FTIR spectroscopy. 12th Irish Environmental Researchers Colloquium, University College Cork, January 2002. Download Poster (725kB)



Dr. Arnaud Allanic

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Postdoctoral researcher (1999-2003), (2007-2011)


Prof. John Sodeau

Research Area:

Field measurement of particulate sulphate emissions in Cork harbour.


Past Members

Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry

Lab B1, Kane Building, University College Cork, College Rd, Cork, Ireland