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Enhancing Student Learning through Professionalising Digital Education


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This workshop for UCC Staff will explore how teaching staff can optimise the learning potential of video technology. It will situate pre-recorded and live video content in the context of overall learning experiences, but it will also focus very specifically on the development of professional skills for teaching that are peculiar to recording.

Debating and public speaking adjudication utilises headings of “Matter, Manner and Method“ when evaluating arguments.

“Matter” refers to the content - the piece that academics are expert in.

“Method” refers to delivery - the interface of academics with instructional design and other technical support.

“Manner” - this is about the deliverer using their authentic persona to effectively deliver their message clearly to their audience.

Manner is the piece that sometimes gets neglected and that this workshop will seek to address, and we believe that in doing so, there is an opportunity to enhancing learning potential through audio visual medium.

This will be run as a one-off workshop for interested staff.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Describe the learning context with regards to discipline, audience and delivery mode

2. Map the various elements that inform the development of online resources using the "matter, method and manner" frame of the workshop

3. Identify barriers to learning that students may encounter with different online delivery styles (“Manner”)

4. Review and revise content and delivery of pre-recorded AV content

5. Use tools and techniques to enhance planning and delivery of content e.g. storyboarding, scripting etc.


This workshop will be very interactive, with group-work and participation required, and a chance to use UCC's Library Studio for video recording.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.  Spaces are limited to 25 and will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.


This workshop is being funded by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning.  Presentations made as part of the workshop will be recorded and made available, free of charge, following the workshop.


Fees and Costs

Free to Attend.  This workshop has been funded by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning.

How Do I Apply

Important Note Regarding Cancellations:

If you do apply, but cannot attend, please advise as we may be able to offer your space to someone on the waiting list.

This workshop is now fully booked.  Please complete the form below if you would be interested in attending this event should it run again in the future (depending on demand, it may be something we look to run annually).

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