Welcome to Conferrings

Welcome to your Conferring Day!

Welcome to your Conferring Day!


Congratulations! Conferring is a very special milestone in your education and a day filled with celebration for you and your loved ones.  There is a great sense of achievement that comes with conferring and we look forward to making your conferring day a memorable occasion.  

Conferrings in University College Cork are prepared by a number of offices and departments in the University including the Student Records and Examinsations Office, Graduate Studies Office and Fees Office.  On this website you will find everything you need to know about your conferring ceremony and preparation for the occasion.  Ceremonies are organised for students receiving Bachelors, Master, Doctoral, post-Doctoral and honorary awards. 

For queries about your eligibility to be conferred, examination results and visa arrangements please contact the Student Records and Examinations Office.


Bronnadh Céimeanna

Eligibility Queries (Exam, Results & Records): Student Records & Examinations Office, sreo@ucc.ie, (021) 4902422 - Graduate Studies Office: GraduateStudies@ucc.ie - Fees Queries: Fees Office, fees@ucc.ie, (021) 4902365 Ceremony Queries: Marketing & Communications, conferrings@ ucc.ie, (021) 4902202