BA (Hons) DHIT

BA (Hons) DHIT

BA (Hons) DHIT - CK118

A diverse and experienced team will teach you about major issues and contemporary concerns in digital humanities and computer science.

You will develop an understanding of electronic computation and the skills to use digital tools, computing technologies and programming languages. You will learn to create, curate, develop and deliver digital media applications to devise, implement and update digital learning plans. You will also develop critical, analytical, research and problem-solving skills that are valuable for a wide range of future careers.

The course includes modules in information technology and digital humanities, along with an arts module, and the opportunity to study abroad or partake in a work placement.

Students can complete the BA:

  • in 3 years (without work placement);  
  • 4 years including 1 year work placement in Ireland as part of third year;
  • 4 years including 1 year work placement abroad as part of third year.

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Year 1 Modules:


CS1050 Fundamentals of Internet Computing (15 credits);

CS1068 Introductory Programming in Python (5 credits);

CS1118 Multimedia (5 credits);

CS3052 Information Systems Security and Electronic Commerce (5 credits);

DH1001 Concepts and Collaboration in Digital Humanities I (5 credits);

DH1002 Digital Tools & Methodologies (5 credits);

DH1003 Introduction to Student Learning in the Digital Age (5 credits)


Electives (one from)

Archaeology;  Béaloideas;  Celtic Civilisation;  Chinese Studies;  Economics;  English; Geography;  German;   Greek;  History; Spanish;  Italian;  Latin; Philosophy; Politics; Religions and Global Diversity.


Year 2 Modules:


Introduction to Digital Media;  Introduction to Internet Information Systems; Authoring;  Webservers;  Introduction to Relational Databases; Concepts and Collaboration in Digital Humanaities I;  Digital Tools & Methodologies I; eLearning Digital Object Curation.


Arts subject continued from Year 1.


Year 3 Modules:

Students can choose to undertake a work placement, a year of study abroad or continue directly into their final year.

Option 1:  Work Placement + final year.

Option 2: International Pathway + final year.  If you choose the International Pathway you will spend Year 3 at an approved foreign university, where you will study approved courses/modules to the equivalent value of 60 credits.

Option 3:  Complete your final year.


Year 4 Modules:

Digital Content Management;  Usability Engineering;  Information Systems and Electronic Commerce;  Digital Video Capture and Packaging; Audio and Sound Engineering;  Research Project;  Research Seminar;  Research Methods;  Research Project;  Minor subject continued from Years 1 and 2.


Arts subject continued from Years 1 and 2.

See the College Calendar for further information on the Programme and the Book of Modules for further details on modules.

Leaving Cert entry requirements:

2017:  H5 in two subjects, and O6/H7 in four other subjects in the Leaving Certificate from Irish, English, another language, and three other subjects recognised for entry purposes.

Mature students: Mature applicants should apply directly through the CAO, include a statement of interest and must sit the MSAP exam.  Approximately six places are available to mature applicants on this course.

International Students should visit the International Education website.

FETAC Requirements.


Application Procedure

EU Applicants: Application to Year 1 of the degree programme is made directly through the Central Applications Office (CAO). Applicants should apply online at The normal closing date for receipt of completed applications is 1st February of the year of entry.


Non-EU Applicants

Mature Applicants:  Application is made through the CAO and the closing date for receipt of completed applications is 1st February of the year of proposed entry.

Dr Orla Murphy, School of English, UCC

Mr David Murphy, Computer Science, UCC

Dr Mike Cosgrave, School of History, UCC

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