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The range and scope of our collaborative projects are provided below.

Current projects include:

Adaptive Responses to Climate Impacts in partnership with London School of Economics, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Contact Dr. Thomas McDermott


Measuring and Evaluating Economic and Commercial Impact of Large and Publicly-funded Research Centres, a joint project with Tyndall National Institute, funded by UCC Irish Research Council.  Contact Dr. Declan Jordan


Large Urban Area Adaptation funded by the EPA. Contact Dr. Thomas McDermott


Integrated Indicators for Ireland: Adjusting Economic Progress for Environmental and Social Sustainability, funded by EPA. Contact Dr. Eleanor Doyle


Recent Projects include

Economic Impact Estimates of West Cork Music Festivals funded by West Cork Music annually 2011-5.  Authors include Gerard Brady Eleanor Doyle, and Stephen McCarthy. 

Economic Impact Estimates - Cork Science and Innovation Park, funded by The Implementation Sub-Group for the Cork Science and Innovation Park July 2012.  David Butler, Eleanor Doyle, and Catherine Kavanagh.

Productivity, Innovation and Competitiveness in Four Small Open Economies (RoI, NI, NZ and Singapore) funded by Northern Ireland Dept. of Enterprise, Trade and Industry.  Partnered with University of Bradford and University of Manchester. Reports produced:

  • Kuah, A.T.H., Shapira, P., Doyle, E. and Ward, D. (2011) Productivity, Innovation and Competitiveness in Small Open Economies. Dept. of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Northern Ireland.
  • Doyle, E., Kuah, A., and Shapira, P. (2010) Technical Report 3: Profiles of Three Small Open Economies: New Zealand, Singapore and Republic of Ireland. Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Northern Ireland.
  • Ward, D., Doyle, E., Shapira, P. and Kuah, A.T.H. (2009) Technical Report 1: Comparison of Northern Ireland’s Productivity and Efficiency across Services and Manufacturing. Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Northern Ireland.
  • Kuah, A.T.H., Shapira, P., Doyle, E. and Ward, D. (2009) Technical Report 2. Mapping Organizational Capabilities for Innovation and Competitiveness: Research Performance and Patenting in Small Open Economies, Dept. of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Northern Ireland.

O’Leary, Eoin (2015) Irish Economic Development: High-Performing EU State or Serial Under-achiever? Routledge.  Contact Eoin at



Doran J. and O’Leary E (2016) The Innovation Performance of Irish and Foreign-owned Firms: The Roles of R&D and Networking. The World Economy, forthcoming.

Doran, J., McCarthy, N., and O’Connor, M. (2016) Entrepreneurship and Employment Growth Across European Regions. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 3(1): 121-128.

Doran, J., and Ryan, G. (2016) The Effectiveness of R&D and External Interaction for Innovation: Insights from Quantile Regression. Economic Issues, forthcoming.

Doran, J., and Jordan, D. (2016) Decomposing US Regional Income Inequality from 1969 to 2009. Applied Economics Letters, forthcoming.

Doran, J., and Fingleton, B. (2016) Employment resilience in Europe and the 2008 economic crisis: insights from micro level data. Regional Studies, forthcoming.

Brosnan, S., Doyle, E., and O’Connor, S. (2016) From Marshalls Triad to Porters Diamond: Added Value?. Competitiveness Review, forthcoming.

O’Leary, E, Webber, D.J. (2015) The Role of Structural Change in European Regional Productivity Growth. Regional Studies, 49: 1548-1560.

Jordan, D. (2015) Location and Business-Level Product Innovation in Vietnam: Regional Differences and Drivers. The Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, 21 (2): 232-252.

Bourke, J., Jordan, D. (2015) A Two-Stage Examination of Business Innovation Decision-Making: Evidence from Ireland. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 9(6):

Bourke, J., and Crowley, F. (2015) The Role of HRM and ICT Complementarities in Firm Innovation: Evidence from Transition Economies. International Journal of Innovation Management, 19(5):

Crowley, F., and McCann, P. (2015) Innovation and Productivity in Irish Firms. Spatial Economic Analysis, 10(2): 181-204.

Power, B., and Reid, G.C. (2015) Performance and strategy: simultaneous equations analysis of long-lived firms. International Journal of the Economics of Business, 22 (3): 345-377.

 Eakins, J. (2015) Household Car Ownership in Ireland across Time: An Analysis of the Effects of Expansion and Contraction in the Irish Economy. International Journal of Transport Economics, XLII (3): 315-342.

Doran, J., and Ryan, G. (2014) The Importance of the Diverse Drivers and Types of Environmental Innovation for Firm Performance. Business Strategy and The Environment, DOI: 10.1002/bse.1860.

McDermott, T.K.J, Barry, F., and Toll, R.S.J. (2014) Disasters and Development: Natural Disasters, Credit Constraints and Economic Growth. Oxford Economic Papers, 66 (3): 750-773.

Fankhauser, S., and McDermott, T.K.J. (2014) Understanding the adaptation deficit: Why are poor countries more vulnerable to climate events than rich countries?. Global Environmental Change, 27 : 9-18.

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Doran, J., Jordan, D., and O’Leary, E. (2013) Effects of R&D spending on Innovation by Irish and Foreign-owned Businesses. Journal of Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 165: 15-41.

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