Our educational collaborations focus on supporting the transformation of practice for professionals and their organisations by drawing on the wealth of economic ideas and methods relating to business.  Institute members in conjunction with the School of Economics provide a number of programmes, including:


Customised Business Development Programmes

Business Innovation Generation (BIG) & Transform Your Business (TrYB) | Both workshop-based programmes delivered to small and micro businesses in West Cork.  Over 30 businesses supported and mentored in 3 6-month programmes across 2012-2014.  Contact us for further information.


Bachelors, Masters & Doctoral Programmes

BA Economics through Transformational Learning: https://www.ucc.ie/en/ck117/ | Launched in 2014, the transformational learning approach of the programme demands active and interactive participation in  learning across a diverse range of learning opportunities and performances inside and outside the class-room.  Participants are challenged and supported to develop their ideas, views and perspectives using Economics, while targeting the expansion of skills and workplace competencies.

MA Economics https://www.ucc.ie/en/cke25/ | Applies a problem-based-learning structure with problems provided by businesses and policymakers on their competitiveness challenges. Develops the skills of an economist across all projects - all assessment is by assignment throughout the programme – no end-of-year examinations.

DBA (Business Economics) http://www.ucc.ie/calendar/postgraduate/Doctor/page005.html | A developmental programme of practitioner-oriented exploration to improve the effectiveness of experienced professionals beyond the range of technique and information acquisition. Emphasizes facilitated reflection on experience and understanding, and enhancing the analytical skills required by senior executives.

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