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Our programmes will support your personal and professional development, by updating your knowledge, clinical skills and competencies, which in turn will support your provision of world class patient focused care. We endeavour to provide you with accessible, relevant and forward looking opportunities across the whole spectrum of lifelong learning – from specialist skills training for workforce development, to career development and progression, to inter-professional and wellbeing programmes, or to more formal pathways for part time postgraduate studies.

Our comprehensive course portfolio is informed by an in-depth analysis of the present and future needs of the Healthcare services and Healthcare professionals, and is planned to improving skills and competencies of healthcare professional by delivering the latest knowledge and techniques.

Flexibility of learning, and accessibility for fulltime healthcare professionals who wish to study on a part time basis, represent fundamental principles upon which our courses are run. However, their true success and appeal results from the fact that they are research lead, patient centred, student focussed and involve practice based learning. Many are structured so as to be of a multidisciplinary nature, and the credit accumulation of various courses lends itself towards professional development opportunities.

Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, College Rd. University College Cork Ireland