What is Organic?

Organic production is an overall system of farm management and food production that combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources, the application of high animal welfare standards and a production method in line with the preference of certain consumers for products produced using natural substances and processes. The organic production method thus plays a dual societal role, where it on the one hand provides for a specific market responding to a consumer demand for organic products, and on the other hand delivers public goods contributing to the protection of the environment and animal welfare, as well as to rural development.

European Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007

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The Centre for Organic Horticulture Research (COHR) is an independent research and teaching centre based at the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) at University College Cork (UCC).

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Green Vegetable Seeds (website of COHR team member, Klaus Laitenberger; Link)

Centre for Organic Horticulture Research

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