COHR Goals

The key goals of the Centre for Organic Horticulture Research are:

  • To train postgraduate students in the science and practice of organic horticulture.
  • To undertake research programmes in sustainable and organic horticulture.
  • To be an independent, scientific voice in the debate on sustainable food production.

Extract from College of Science, Engineering and Food Science (SEFS), UCC Strategic Plan 2013-2017:

"COHR will develop in parallel with the UCC MSc programme in Organic Horticulture which is based at the distance campus at Liss Ard outside Skibbereen, whereby research from the MSc students and from BEES and other SEFS staff will form a research resource for organic growers in West Cork and further afield. The aim is to develop environmental protection technologies for commercially viable organic food production based on the small plot intensive (SPIN) horticulture system. Research areas will include induced disease resistance, organic business development, biostimulants, food quality and flavour, inter-cropping and improved crop stress response."

Centre for Organic Horticulture Research

School of BEES, Butler Building, Distillery Field, North Mall, Cork