• By Invitation : Articles:

By Invitation : Articles:

[6]  A Review of Human Prison Diseases and the relationship of the new variant of Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. (Invited Review)
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[7]  New Variant CJD – an unfolding story. (Invited Review)
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[8] Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease with emphasis on the New Variant (Invited Review). 
*Keohane C. 
An Bord Althranais News.  1998, 10, 2, 4-8.
[9] New Variant CJD – an update (Invited Review)
*Keohane C.
Converse (Journal of the Academy of Medical Laboratory Science).  2000, 30, 5, 15-18.
[10] Pulvinar sign on MRI images in variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.(Invited Editorial)
*Keohane C.
Lancet.  2000 22;355 (9213):1384
[11] Some Aspects of Neuropathology in Central Nervous System Disease Diagnosis.(Invited Editorial)
*Keohane C.
Editorial Irish Medical Journal 2008, 101, 198-200.

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