6-8 April, 2017– University College Cork – Cork, Ireland



Deadline for Abstract Submission: 9 January, 2017

The Fifth Annual Neo-Latin Symposium, held heretofore under the auspices of the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (KFLC), will take place 6-8 April, 2017 in Cork, Ireland, hosted by the Centre for Neo-Latin Studies, University College Cork.

The Neo-Latin Symposium is devoted to the presentation of scholarly research in the area of Renaissance and Post-Renaissance Latin Studies. Abstracts are invited in all areas and aspects of Neo-Latin Studies, which may embrace linguistic, literary or historical approaches to the examination of texts and their contexts.

 Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

Neo-Latin Literature, Neo-Latin Historiography and Ethnography, Neo-Latin Language and Style, Neo-Latin Imitation, Adaptation or Translation from the Vernacular, Neo-Latin Letter Collections, Journals, Biographies, Autobiographies, Neo-Latin Pedagogy, Neo-Latin Rhetoric, Neo-Latin Treatises on Architecture, Botany, Cartography, Geography, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Science, etc.

Papers are 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute question & answer session. In addition to individual abstracts for paper presentations, proposals for panels of 3 papers will be considered. The deadline for abstract submission is 9 January 2017.

Please note that the Neo-Latin Symposium will not be part of the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference in 2017, but will be hosted by the Cork Centre for Neo-Latin Studies in association with the University of Kentucky Institute for Latin Studies. From 2017 onwards, the location of the conference will vary between Cork and Kentucky in alternate years.

Individually submitted abstracts should be no more than 250 words.

Proposals for individual papers should be submitted as follows:

The proposer should email j.harris@ucc.ie. The proposal should consist of the name, contact information, and affiliation of the speaker(s), and an abstract of the proposed paper.

It is also possible to submit proposals for panels of 3 presentations as follows:

The panel organizer should email a panel proposal to j.harris@ucc.ie. The panel proposal should consist of a single document containing the theme of the panel, the organizer's name and contact information, the names, contact information and affiliations of the panel participants, and an individual abstract for each participant.

Papers should be read in English. Acceptance of a paper or complete panel implies a commitment on the part of all participants to register and attend the conference. A registration fee of €50 will apply to all participants of the symposium. All presenters must pay the registration fee by 14 February, 2017 in order to confirm participation and be included in the program.

Further information about the conference, registration process, and guidelines for paper presentation, will soon be available on this website.



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