About Us

Climate Lab - Solutions for Transitions

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity in the 21st century posing huge social, environmental and economic risks. The next 15 years are critical for tackling climate risk. The countries which invest in research and innovation will emerge as the winners in moving quickly onto a more sustainable, zero carbon path and will have first mover advantage in exploiting the inherent commercial opportunities and societal benefits.

UCC Climate Lab is an initiative of the Environmental Research Institute, UCC to bring together internationally leading researchers to provide a platform for collaborative, integrated research enabling the transition to a zero carbon and climate resilient economy and society. It has over 100 live research projects focsed on climate change ranging from energy modelling, marine renewables, biofuels, building national platforms to support adaptation, climate technologies, atmospheric chemistry and financial appraisal of renewable energy assets and carbon liabilities. The Institute has observer status in the UNFCCC and is a member of the EIT Climate KIC.

The aim of UCC Climate Lab is to provide cutting edge knowledge and solutions to enable a smooth transition to a zero carbon and climate resilient society in Ireland, and facilitate a full exploitation of the economic and societal opportunities arising from this zero carbon transition.