Internship as Arts Administrator

"Completing the MA in Music and Cultural History was a fantastic experience as I was able to explore topics relating to current musicologies while developing and challenging both my creativity and writing style. One of the stand-out things from this MA was the way in which it allowed me to be more innovative and creative in an academic setting than I had been previously. I was able to explore avenues of thought which I had not considered before and this academic creativity I feel is crucial to the development of all strands of musicology. I completed my final dissertation on the subject of Afrocentricity as strategic essentialism in the music of the Native Tongues, a late 1980's/early 1990's American hip-hop collective. For this I explored issues of race, place, identity, movement of cultural forms which all connected to the music which the groups and individuals in this collective produced. In December of 2015 I began an internship with the Galway Community Circus as an arts administrator. In this role I am learning a great deal about how an arts organisation runs day-to-day operations. I have aided with the writing and editing of several funding and support applications to organisations such as the Arts Council, Galway City Council, Erasmus+, Pobal and RTÉ Supporting the Arts. The critical thinking and editing skills I developed during this MA really prepared me for this type of work." Julie Seavgrave