Programme Requirements


To complete this programme, a total of 90 credits should be taken (over a full-time equivalent of three teaching terms) by taking Part 1 and Part 2 as follows:

Part 1 – 60 credits

Core modules - students take 50 credits as follows:

PD6120 Landscape Character, Context and Change (5 credits)
PD6121 Open Space, Landscape and Design (5 credits)
PD6122 Planning and Design for Built Heritage (5 credits)
PD6132 Observation, Drawing and the use of Spatial Data (5 credits)
PD6133 Engagement and Communication Skills (5 credits)
PD6134 Introduction to Processes, Administration and Participation in Planning (5 credits)
PD6136 Introduction to Spatial planning at the City scale (5 credits)
PD6138 Introduction to Urban Design (5 credits)
PD6227 Planning and Landscape in Rural Environments (5 credits)
LW6106 Legal Concepts for Heritage and the Environment (5 credits) 

Elective modules: students select 10 credits from the following (to be chosen in consultation with the Programme Director, subject to availability and timetable requirements in any given year or teaching period):

GG3009 Geography as Human Ecology (5 credits)
Design Research Studio: Contextual Study (5 credits)
AE6016 Strategic Environmental Assessment (5 credits)
GG3037 Geography of Heritage (5 credits)        
Natural Resources, Planning and Management (5 credits)
PD6140 Introduction to Infrastructure and Transport in Planning (5 credits)
AE6001 Ecological Site Assessment (5 credits)


Part 2 – 30 credits

PD6123 Dissertation in Landscape, Built Heritage and Design (30 credits)

This Masters programme is taught through a mixture of classroom, field and studio sessions that cover theoretical, practical and design work.  A mandatory 7- to 8-day study visit (within Ireland) is included in the second teaching period as part of module PD6227 Planning and Landscape in Rural Environments.  Shorter study visits (optional) and day field visits are included in other modules where appropriate.

Students must pass Part I with an aggregate score of 50% before proceeding to Part II.  Students who pass Part 1 (including those who pass with an aggregate score of less than 50%) may exit the programme and be conferred with a Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape, Built Heritage and Design. Students who progress to Part 2 but neither pass nor complete Part 2 may also be conferred with a Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape, Built Heritage and Design.