Landscape, Built Heritage and Design MA

Landscape, Built Heritage and Design

This MA is rather unique in that, rather than focusing on specialist understandings of individual landscape and design topics, it takes a broad approach to the subject in real-world, decision-making contexts. It is suitable for early-career graduates from a wide variety of subject areas and it is particularly relevant now that the European Landscape Convention has widely been adopted. Citizens with a general interest in heritage and the environment would also be welcome and, with certain modules being offered on a stand-alone basis, it will also appeal to established practitioners who have continuing professional development needs in this emerging area.

Our graduates will have the capacity to be effective in the non-governmental sector, the government or local government sector, the property and business sector and other fields that have a stake in the management and design of built heritage, landscapes and the quality of places. It will be a useful complementary qualification for specialists in architecture, planning, building, environmental science, public policy, infrastructure, energy, community development, archaeology, cultural geography and a range of other fields.

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