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Give me something to work with!

24 Feb 2021

The teaching strategies you use throughout your CEL initiatives will vary depending on the focus of your collaboration. It can be hard to know where to start. We pull out a few popular tools that you could consider adapting for your course.

 In the case of Urban Planning, a lecturer may choose an established, disciplinary-grounded tool call the Place Standard Tool to “structure conversations about place”. The lecturer has a clear purpose in mind for their collaboration and is confident that this tool can support the partnership in reaching its goals.  For a CEL project in the Environmental Sciences, the purpose of the project may be less clear with the overall aim to bring a diverse group together to discuss Biodiversity in a particular area. The CEL coordinator can choose from a range of teaching strategies. 

Photovoice might be a strong option to illicit perspectives and shared understanding on Biodiversity. It’s worthwhile to examine if there are disciplinary specific tools that can be readily applied to your CEL project or whether your project has a more general focus calling for a more generic teaching strategy. 

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