Free Legal Research Service

Free Legal Research Service

The Child Law Clinic offers a pro bono legal research provided by specialist post-graduate students to lawyers engaged in litigating issues related to Child Law and Children’s Rights. The Clinic does not provide legal advice to individuals but rather supports lawyers to represent and litigate on behalf of children. It also aims to provide legal support to organisations working with and for children.

How it works:

Those wishing to access the service should outline to the clinic:

1. The facts of the case

2. The legal questions that arise

3. Any relevant deadlines

The Clinic will then:

* Research the legal questions; and

* Present findings within a reasonable time 

Confidentiality and Consent

Those accessing the service undertake to anonymise relevant information and secure client’s consent before submitting issues to the Clinic. 

Undertaking and Waiver

The Clinic undertakes to keep all information confidential and to provide up-to-date accurate and relevant legal information on the issues raised. No liability whatsoever is accepted for the use of this information in litigation.‌

If you would like to use the service or would like further information contact:

Professor Ursula Kilkelly at the Law Department in UCC:

Phone: + 353 (0)21 490 2531


Child Law Clinic

Faculty of Law, Áras na Laoi, Gaol Cross, UCC, Cork