Careers in Chemistry

Careers in Chemistry

Chemistry provides a scientific understanding of the fundamental properties and behaviour of all matter. As such, chemistry forms the basis of many hitech industries, including the pharmaceutical and advanced materials industries, and new, emerging fields such as fuel cells, biosensors, and thin film technology. The breadth of the subject means that chemistry is essential in most areas of science and technology and there is a broad spectrum of career options for chemistry graduates. Chemistry graduates from University College Cork are in high demand in Ireland and abroad. Few industries are more profitable, pay as well and are as recession proof as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and these continue to be growing sectors in the economy. Remarkably, the Irish pharmaceutical, materials and microelectronics industries produce over half the export income of the country! All these sectors rely heavily on chemistry graduates for their future growth. Chemists are employed in product development and process research, quality control and assurance, as well as environmental monitoring and control. A chemistry degree also teaches the skills required in areas as diverse as electronic manufacturing, the food industry, and government laboratories.

In addition, most chemical companies offer in-house training in management, finance control, sales and patents, and careers may be developed in non-chemistry directions. Careers in teaching, hospitals, management or business are all possible for chemistry graduates, who are known for their analytical, numerical, and practical training.  Many of our graduates find that they want to contribute actively to expanding and applying scientific knowledge, and choose to pursue doctoral research.

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