Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Chemistry at the University College Cork has a strong research tradition and is an excellent place to pursue an advanced-level degree in chemistry.  These are exciting times in the Department.  We have expanded considerably over the last few years with the addition of new academic staff as well as new and upgraded facilities and equipment.  Indeed, we have recently gained a significant portion of research space in not one, but two brand new buildings!  With a massive increase in research funding and the strong emphasis now being placed on science and technology, Ireland at this time is an excellent place to pursue an advanced degree.

‌Our academic staff are active researchers and are seeking to push back the boundaries of knowledge in their respective fields.  The Department is well represented in the four traditional areas of chemistry, inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical, where we have strong research groups.  At the same time, we are carrying out productive interdisciplinary research and have strong collaborations across other scientific disciplines and research institutes at UCC.  Indeed, many of our researchers have very productive collaborations with other groups in the rest of Europe and further afield.  Our academic staff have have great success in recent years in attracting funding from Irish and European funding agencies.

Opportunities for postgraduate MSc or PhD studies at UCC or abroad are enormous. The Chemistry Department has one of the largest post graduate schools in UCC. It has established an international reputation in many areas of research, and staff members have received international recognition in their fields. Many graduate level training and research links have been established with local, national and international industry and other departments and research centres in UCC. The Department also runs taught MSc and Higher Diploma level courses in Analytical, Environmental Analytical and Pharmaceutical Analysis Chemistry.

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