Study Chemistry at UCC

Study Chemistry at UCC

‌Are you considering a degree in chemistry? Chemistry is the most central science, describing the structure, properties, and behaviour of matter at a molecular level.  Using their knowledge of atoms and molecules, chemists can manipulate matter to solve many current problems, often by developing new materials or by exploiting reactions for a specific purpose.  In fact, we are so immersed in the successes of chemistry over the last century that it is sometimes easy to forget just how much chemistry contributes to our current quality of life. Image life with the semiconductors needed for computers and cameras, the fertilisers that have greatly increased agricultural production, the polymers found in everything from plastic toys to clothing, the batteries that power our mobile phones, the tyres and air-bags that make travelling in a car safer and more comfortable, and the huge array of drugs that relieve headaches or treat heart disease.  Without chemistry, it would also be impossible to know about the detailed functioning of biological processes, nor about reactions taking place in the environment, sometimes with global consequences.‌

Chemistry is a truly exciting science and indispensable for facing the many challenges of the future. These include the discovery, design, and synthesis of new pharmaceutical compounds, developing new materials and exploiting the properties of nanomaterials, and addressing environmental and energy issues.  As people, chemists are enthralled by the complexity, diversity, and beauty of the world at a molecular level.  We are also challenged to manipulate matter to serve humanity and to address contemporary problems. 

Are you are intellectually curious about how the world works?  Do you have good analytical and numerical skills? Do you want a challenging career in a relevant and rewarding subject? If so, consider making chemistry your career choice and join us in tackling the problems of the future!

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