UCC Plus Chemistry Camp

UCC Plus Chemistry Camp

Third level education is seen as increasingly necessary for a good quality of life and broader and more exciting career opportunities.  Unfortunately, many groups and communities are still underrepresented at third level and in universities in general. The UCC Plus programme aims to help students through their secondary schooling and increase their ability to compete for university places.  The “PLUS” of UCC Plus stands for “Providing Links to Under-represented Schoolleavers” and refers to increasing the levels of mature students, students with disabilities, socio-economically disadvantaged students and ethnic monitories in UCC.

Further details concerning the UCC Plus programme can be found at their website.

As part of the UCC Plus programme, the School of Chemistry hosts the UCC Plus+ Chemistry Camp.

Programme Structure

Both days are packed full of chemistry related experiments and show in a fun way how interesting chemistry can be. 

The aims of the Chemistry Camp are

  • To get “hands on” experience in performing chemistry experiments
  • To see how computers may be used to analyse chemistry experiments
  • To gain an insight into the magic of chemistry.

 Postgraduate students who are performing cutting edge research in the Chemistry Department help the students with their experiments during the two days. 

 Some of the experiments which are carried out include

  • Messy volcanoes
  • Panic. No paint!!
  • Murder Mystery in Crosshaven!!

 And, or course, there’s a Chemistry Magic Show………

When is it on?

This event usually takes place for four days (two sessions of two days) during May or June.Young chemists aged 12 – 14 years from both primary and secondary schools are invited to attend for two of the four days. 


Further details concerning the UCC Plus Chemistry Camp can be obtained from:

Ms Olive Byrne,
UCC Plus Programme Manager
Tel: +353(0)21 490 3678
Email o.byrne@ucc.ie

Related website: UCC Plus.

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