Industry Links

Industry Links

Multinational companies (particularly from the USA) are an important presence in Ireland and have a key part to play in the Government’s Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (SSTI). This is particularly important in the current economic situation because of their role in driving exports. The School of Chemistry is well aware of the role it needs to play in helping these companies develop new products and improved manufacturing processes as well as providing well-trained graduates and postgraduates for employment. Chemistry can provide a range of useful services from problem-solving current processes, providing access to world-class infrastructure through to helping develop in-house research and development.

Access to state-of-the-art characterisation facilities is often key to manufacturing companies who may need to perform defect and processing failure analysis over short periods. To this we aim to provide professional services in areas such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), mass spectroscopy, surface analysis, x-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. These have been accessed by numerous pharmaceutical and materials companies for studies such as polymorph analysis, purity and contamination analysis, interfacial effects and materials performance.

We believe that the industrially-focussed and long-term research of several members of our staff plays a key and increasing strategic role in underpinning the future of the pharmaceutical and materials/ICT sectors in Ireland. Companies such as Intel, Millipore, Johnson and Johnson Glantreo directly support a significant amount of our research effort helping to employ researchers employed in UCC and also have researchers-in-residence (Intel and Millipore) based in our research laboratories. This research has been rewarded in terms of joint patents, intellectual property transfer and direct industrial support.  We believe that our efforts have been recognised, in part, by the expansion of R&D activities within several Irish multinational sites.

UCC graduates are highly valued by our partners and this is primarily reflected in the significant level of employment of our postgraduates in the synthetic, materials and analytical wings of the sector. UCC will continue to expand and enhance its industrial engagement by striving to improve services, enhancing the quality of our applied research and improving our education programmes.

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