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Department Seminar Series 2013/14

17 Jan 2014

Updated seminar details

Chemistry Department Seminar Series 2013-2014







Sept 25

Prof. Weidong Chen

Universite du Littoral de Cote d’Opal, France

Analysis of Stable Isotopic Compositions by Laser Absorption Spectroscopy




Oct 18


Dr Daniel Obrist

Desert Research Institute, NV, USA

Terrestrial Ecosystems and Atmospheric Hg Loads: Sequestration of Past

Pollution and Importance of Legacy Re-emissions

Oct 30

Dr Robert Raja

University of Southampton, UK

Engineering Active Sites at the Nanoscale for Sustainable Catalysis




Nov 6

Dr Karen Twomey

Tyndall National Institute, Cork

Future and Emerging Technologies based on Nanosensors

Nov 13

Dr Damien Thompson

University of Limerick, Ireland

Modelling organic-inorganic interfaces

Nov 20

Prof Richard Taylor

University of York, UK

Tandem / Telescoped Approaches to Heterocyclic Scaffolds







Jan 8

Dr Tim O’Sullivan

Dept. Chemistry/Pharmacy, UCC

Development of Methodologies for the Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds

Jan 15

Prof Veronique Gouverneur

University of Oxford, UK

Fluorine Chemistry: Cold and Hot Recipes

Jan 16



Prof Paul McIntyre

Stanford University, USA

Core/Shell Strain, Surface Defect Passivation and Carrier Dynamics in Group IV Nanowires

Jan 22

Prof Jamshed Anwar

Lancaster University, UK

Molecular Simulation of Crystal Nucleation and Growth

Jan 29

Dr Eric Moore

Department of Chemistry/Tyndall, UCC

The Evolution of Biosensors: Aliens v Predators




Feb 5

Prof Carl Percival

University of Manchester, UK

New Atmospheric Oxidants

Feb 12

Prof Anthony West

University of Sheffield, UK

(RSC John B. Goodenough Award 2013)

Materials Chemistry of Oxide Electroceramics

Feb 19

Dr Kevin Critchley

University of Leeds, UK

Bright quantum dots that are not so heavy

Feb 26

Dr Colm O’Dwyer

Dept. Chemistry UCC

Diffractive Optics and Photonic Probes: An Alternative Platform for Understanding Energy Storage Materials




Mar 5

Prof Mattias Hallquist

Göteborg University, Sweden

Atmospheric Chemistry and Ageing of Organic Aerosols

Mar 12

Dr Donats Erts

University of Latvia, Latvia

Electrical, optical and mechanical properties of semiconductor nanowires

Mar 19

Dr Simon Lawrence

Dept. Chemistry, UCC

Crystal Engineering with Organosulfur Compounds




Apr 25


LG_51, CPB

Prof Christina White

University Illinois, USA

(RSC Merck Award 2013)

To be confirmed

 All seminars will take place in Kane_G18 between 15:00-16:00 (unless stated otherwise)

School of Chemistry


University College Cork, College Rd, Cork, Ireland