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2012/2013 Seminar Series Notice

13 Nov 2012

2012/2013 Seminar Series Notice

Organic/Pharmaceutical      Nov 21st

Prof Paul Murphy, NUI Galway

Lecture Title: 'Synthesis of biologicall interesting compounds from carbohydrate'

Prof Graham Sandford, Durham University

Lecture Title: 'Selective fluorination strategies'


Analytical                             Nov 26th

 Institute of Chemistry of Ireland Conference


Materials                                Jan 23rd

Prof Ken Durose, University of Liverpool

Lecture Title: 'Thin film and nanowire solar CdTe solar cells'

Prof Dave Smith, University of York

Lecture Title: to be confirmed

RSC Corday-Morgan Prize


Environmental                       Feb 6th    

Prof Bill Bloss, Birmingham University

Lecture Title: 'Atmostpheric iodine chemistry - lessons and questions from Lab., Field and Chamber Studies'

Prof Ally Lewis, University of York

Lecture Title: 'Atmospheric composition from kerbside to global'

RSC John Jeyes Award


School of Chemistry


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