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Dr. Parvaneh Mokarian - Best Innovation Award

11 Apr
Photo (L-R): James Doyle, Parvaneh Mokarian, David Nugent.

At SPIE Optics Conference

Dr. Parvaneh Mokarian’s team has won the 1st prize for the “Best Innovation Award” by a multilateral project or technology in SPIE, Europe’s biggest optics conference. The “Innovation Village” run as a part of the exhibition in SPIE held in Brussels April 4-7th 2016. The purpose of the Innovation Village is to showcase Europe's (and the world's) finest research programmes and to encourage the transfer of optics/photonics research and technology into new and useful products.

The project is based on a new method (using large block copolymers) for fabricating subwavelength structures for antireflective surfaces. Light reflection is why you can’t see the screen of your laptop and mobile phone in sunshine. Eliminating unwanted light from an optical surface has significant advantage in many applications and can improve the efficiency of many devices such as solar cells, night vision goggles, LEDs, medical cameras etc. The project was funded by Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund.

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