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Chemistry PhD Graduates - Spring 2016

25 Feb

4 PhD Chemistry Students Graduate.

This afternoon saw 4 Chemistry students graduate with PhD degrees. The students involved carried out their research in the Chemistry Department, Tyndall Institute and the School of Pharmacy. Details of all students, their supervisor names and thesis titles are listed below. Well done to all.

Name Supervisor PhD Thesis Title
Dr. Sarah Clarke
Dr. Gerard McGlacken Studies in asymmetric and heterocyclic synthesis.
Dr. William Greaney
Prof. Anita Maguire Enantioselective chemoenzymatic synthesis of 3-hydroxytetrahydrofurans.
Dr. Robin Morrison
Dr. Simon Lawrence Cocrystallisation involving the thioamide, amide and imide functional groups.
Dr. Carola Schopf
Dr. Daniela Iacopino Plasmonic gold nanostructures: optical properties and application in mercury detection.

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