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Adjunct Professor exceeds 10k Citation mark

7 May
Photo: Professor John Luong.

Professor John Luong in Analytical Chemistry.

Adjunct Professor John Luong in Analytical Chemistry has exceeded the 10,000 citation mark. His highly cited papers advocate the deployment of carbon nanotubes with platinum nanoparticles for diversified applications, probing the surface chemistry of gold colloids and their interactions with functional amino acids, fabrication of metallic nanoparticles by femtosecond laser ablation and enzyme-less approaches for detection of glucose.

His recent research focuses on immunoassays using smartphone together with nanocomposites as the detection platform for cardiovascular disease, cancer, infection/inflammation related to C-reactive protein. John was a SFI Walton Fellow in 2006; followed by an appointment as an adjunct professor at UCC, Department of Chemistry. In collaboration with Prof. Jeremy Glennon and other colleagues at UCC, he has published many papers of significant scientific significance in electrochemical detection and separations.

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